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Hydrogen Cars Are Already Here and
I Didn’t Even Know It

Hydrogen Powered Big Rig Truck

Ian Ziering and his new Chevy
Equinox Fuel Cell EV

2009 Kia Borrego FCEV Promo

Thousands Test Drive Gas-Free,
Emissions-Free Vehicles

Chris White from the California Fuel Cell Partnership at Alternative Car EXPO 2009

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells on
"Clean Skies Sunday"

General Motors Chevy Equinox

Toyota Highlander FCHV Evaluated for Range
Toyota Motor Company

Evan commutes 120+ miles EVERY
day - using hydrogen!

How to Fuel a Hydrogen Vehicle

Driving the Nissan X-Trail Hydrogen
Fuel Cell Vehicle

Honda Clarity

Schwarzenegger Talks About Hydrogen
Vehicles and Stations

Mercedes-Benz F-Cell
Mercedes Benz USA

Hydrogen Road Tour Arrives in Washington

Formula Zero - 2009

Formula Zero's Element One Team

Refueling a Hydrogen Forklift
Nuvera Fuel Cells

Formula Zero - 2008
Discovery Channel

How Fuel Cells Work
Ballard Power

Toyota FCHV: Quest for the Ultimate Eco-car
Toyota Motor Company

10 Things to Remember
About Hydrogen

Larry Burns, General Motors


Running on
Home-Brewed Hydrogen

BBC News

Jay Leno Drives the
New Honda Clarity

Jay Leno's Garage

Hydrogen Cars: More than
Just Saving Gas

CBN News

How a Fuel Cell Works
Digital Splash Media

Hydrogen Hopes: Fire and Ice
Scientific American's Frontiers

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars
CNN's Glenn Beck Show

Hydrogen Hopes:
A Hydrogen Sponge

Scientific American's Frontiers

Hydrogen Hopes:
Sunshine Hydrogen

Scientific American's Frontiers

The U.S. Department of Energy's Hydrogen Program offers podcasts called "The Hydrogen Report." The series provides a basic introduction to hydrogen and fuel cell technologies for non-technical audiences.

  • Hydrogen Cars: Interview with the NHA's Patrick Serfass on Super Talk radio
    - Part 1 (9,684Kb MP3)
    - Part 2 (11,573Kb MP3)

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