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The following links are tools that teachers can use to help teach hydrogen and fuel cell technology.

Grade Level Content Provided By
All Fuel Cells in Transportation The California Fuel Cell Partnership
All Hydrogen as Fuel The California Fuel Cell Partnership
All Increase Your H2IQ - easy to understand PDFs, multimedia tools, animations and other introductory resources U.S. Department of Energy
K-4 Fuels and Energy General Motors Corporation
5-8 Fuels and Energy General Motors Corporation
5-12 Lesson plans, visual aids, laboratory experiments, videos, and teacher workshops U.S. Department of Energy
5-12 Introduction to Electrolysis: Hydrogen from Water - very simple classroom experiment on electrolysis New Mexico Solar Energy Association
7-12 How Fuel Cells Work
9-12 Fuels and Energy General Motors Corporation

Partner Resources
Our partners also have some great links to other educational resources.

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