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Hydrogen is a universal fuel that will play a major role in our clean, sustainable energy future.
Here are some ways hydrogen is already becoming a practical reality in our everyday lives...

Hydrogen Fuel Injection Systems
Clean Up Fuel, Emissions

U.S. cities and residents are increasingly concerned about how daily commerce contributes to urban air pollution. Diesel trucks and container ships, which are responsible for transporting a large portion of the goods consumed in the U.S., are falling under a new wave of restrictions.

As a result, several fuel alternatives have recently come into the spotlight, including a new technology known as hydrogen fuel injection.

Hydrogen injection systems take a small amount of electric power from the truck's engine (alternator) and use it to split water from a small, refillable reservoir into hydrogen and oxygen gases. The hydrogen and oxygen are both injected along with the diesel into the engine. This results in reduced emissions, reduced fuel use and increased torque and horsepower! More >>

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