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Follow this guide to contact your Congressmen

Open the template.
We've created a template you may use to talk with your Congressman about this issue. Download the Microsoft Word document to the right to begin.
Template #1
Letter Template

Fine tune the text.
Edit the letter if you like to include other messages, or just send it as it is!

Contact your Congressman.

U.S. Senate

1. Go to

2. Choose your state from the list in the upper right.

3. Click on the "Web Form" under each of your Senator's names to contact them.
U.S. House of Representatives

1. Go to

2. Enter your state and zip code and click "Contact My Representative."

3. Click on "Send a Message to...." and then use the following page to paste the text and send to you Representative.

Submit it.
Copy and paste the text you created into the webform, then hit submit!

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