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What kind of maintenance should I expect as an owner of a hydrogen vehicle?

It depends on the type of hydrogen: a hydrogen engine vehicle or a fuel cell electric vehicle.

vehicle maintenanceIn general:
  • Hydrogen engine vehicles require similar maintenance to gasoline vehicles.

  • Fuel cell electric vehicles have fewer maintenance requirements because they have many fewer moving parts (for example, no transmission!) and don't require oil changes. A fuel cell has zero moving parts.
Here’s an easy-to-use table that compares routine maintenance for hydrogen-powered and gasoline vehicles.

Hydrogen vs. Gasoline Vehicle Routine Maintenance

  Gasoline Engine  Hydrogen Engine  Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Check tire pressure Yes Yes Yes
Replace tires (similar mileage between) Yes Yes Yes
Check brake wear Yes* Yes* Yes*
Refill coolant, washer and brake fluid levels Yes Yes Yes
Replace air filter(s) Yes Yes Yes
Check suspension and shocks Yes Yes Yes
Check fuel system Yes Yes Yes
Change engine oil Yes Yes  
Refill automatic transmission fluid Yes Yes  
Adjust valves Yes Yes  
Check transmission Yes Yes  
Replace  belts and hoses Yes Yes  
Check exhaust system and mufflers Yes Yes  
Perform smog certification (in some states) Yes ?  

* Fuel cell electric vehicles use regenerative braking, which reduces wear on brakes.

Source: National Hydrogen Association

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