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Hydrogen is a universal fuel that will play a major role in our clean, sustainable energy future.
Here are some ways hydrogen is already becoming a practical reality in our everyday lives...

Emergency Support Powered by Hydrogen
When you have an emergency, the reliability of your equipment is paramount. Typically, critical events that require mobile electricity, such as disaster relief, have not been the time or place to use new technologies. The wide availability of gasoline and the familiarity of gasoline generators have made them the industry standard for years. But now, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, public officials and private companies have realized that superior technologies exist-technologies that do not require grid power or rely on gasoline, can be quickly fueled, and are both are pollution-free and quiet so they can be used indoors. Generators powered by hydrogen can do what standard gasoline generators so - and can do it quietly, more reliably and with no pollution or fumes.

There are many of these hydrogen fueled generators in the market today, ranging considerably in size to fit the power needs of daily life - laptops, lighting, air conditioning and cooking, to larger industrial purposes. One such generator is now for sale to power the mid-size power needs customary to relief and military operations.

Each time you fill up with hydrogen, using a hydrogen cartridge, you get 400Watt-hours of electricity stored in, which is equivalent to about five laptop batteries. Each cartridge weighs only 1.5 pounds each. In fact, the entire system weighs less than 23 pounds, far less than bulky gas generators and the gasoline fuel. In any relief or outdoor event that has to relocate at a moment's notice, the light weight of the system makes it particularly attractive, and durability unique to hydrogen fueled generators is also a big plus. This particular system is called the KH4 and is made by Trulite Tech.

Fuel cell generators such as the KH4 also have none of the moving parts that gasoline generators do, which allows for decreased maintenance and increased reliability. They also do not diminish in power output over time as batteries do, which are as slow to recharge. Not surprising then, after the FCC's Katrina Act of 05, several backup power suppliers are now switching from gasoline generators or batteries to a hydrogen fuel cell generator to meet the new eight hour backup power mandate.

With each relief and military operations, the necessity for reliable, portable electricity grows. There opportunity for hydrogen fueled generators is growing to show the advantages hydrogen can deliver over gasoline generators and batteries.

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